Srixon Z-Star Driver, Fairways

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Srixon Z-Star Driver, Fairways



The Srixon Z-Star Driver has Starburst Face Technology, which is a variable thickness design that produces a begger sweet spot, creating greater distance from a larger area across the face. This technology also minimizes dispersion on off-center shots which results in greater accuracy. The Miyazaki shaft is the first premium custom shaft designed specifically for adjustable clubs. This shaft maximizes flex consistency from all 12 ajustable positions. Additionally, when you adjust the shaft to select a draw (L) or fade (R) bias the artwork on the shaft reveals the shot shape that you have chosen.

The STAR Fitting System stands for Speed, Trajectory, Alignment and Responsiveness.
The Srixon Z-STAR fairway woods feature 12 different adjustable face and lie angle configurations, allowing golfers to customize the club to fit their specific swing or desired ball flight. The Srixon Z-STAR fairway woods can be configured in 12 different positions. This alignment tuning allows for face angle and lie angle adjustments to correct ball flight patterns or enhance shot shapes. The Srixon Z-STAR fairway wood also features Starburst variable face design, which enables golfers to generate higher ballspeed and increased distance. 
  • Adjustable Hosel & Face angle
  •  STAR Fitting System
  • Available in 15.0º (3 Wood) & 18.0º (5 Wood)
   Srixon Z-Star Driver Specs          
 Club / Loft 15.0 deg  18.0 deg
 Head Size 164cc 147cc
 43.0"  42.5"
 Lie 58.0 deg   58.5 deg

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