Hogan Apex Hybrid


Hogan Apex Hybrid

 Apex Hybrids

The Apex Hybrid delivers a Forged Face Cup for high ball speed and controlled ball flight for Apex players.                

Controlled Ball Flight and Workability From Precision Shaping
The design appeals to better players and Tour Pros, and it transitions perfectly from your irons. It has a longer, more-iron like blade length with the traditional CG of an iron. And it provides a neutral CG bias for the controlled ball flight with workability that better players want to see.

High Ball Speed From A Forged Face Cup


The Forged Face Cup is made from Carpenter 455 Steel, and designed for increased ball speed at every impact location. Center hits are going to be faster and off-center hits are going to be faster too. This is the first hybrid for the Apex player.

Versatility From The Internal Standing Wave
The Internal Standing Wave positions the weight so that we can move the CG where better players want it. That’s how they get the versatility and precision they are looking for in a hybrid.



Men's Apex Hybrid Product Specs

Name Loft Availability Standard Length Lie Swing Weight
2H 18° RH / LH 40.50" 57.50° D3
3H 20° RH / LH 40.00" 58.00° D3
4H 23° RH / LH 39.50" 58.50° D3
5H 26° RH / LH 39.00" 59.00° D3

Kuro Kage Black Hybrid

Manufacturer Flex Shaft Weight Torque Kickpoint
Mitsubishi Light 66 mid mid
Mitsubishi Regular 69 mid mid
Mitsubishi Stiff 82 mid mid

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