Over the years I have been blessed  to work alongside several  of the best designers in the golf industry. Conversly, I have made one bad choice and seen the blatant misrepresentation and dirty little secrets of another.   A new opportunity has presented itself and we will be the sole distributor and tour rep for this line. The designer is one of the most respected gentlemen on the PGA Tour with players.  Hi quality CNC milled putters and I will be able to design just about anything due to the team members I will be  working with.   Look for more news as soon as all contracts have been signed off on and the catalog will be published.  This will be a hi end line priced right.  Look for something along the lines of Toulon, Cameron, Yes!, or Odyssey.  This is no toy like a Lynx, a, Piretti or other catalog piece that is ordered from a parts catalog. These are being designed by two of the premier putter designers in the industry. Look forward to sharing news with you all as soon  as it can be published.  Launching at the PGA SHOW SOON!  9 models and a win on tour already!!!