About Us

  • My name is Marc, the owner of Your Tour Collection, (YTC)
  • After over 25 years as a club collector and traveling on the various Professional golf tours with my closest friends who are players, reps, Player Managers, techs in the tour trailers, I decided to enjoy the end of my life doing something I'm very passionate about.  I spent a few of the years as a rep on the PGA tour and now I have a new goal.  Quite simply that goal is to provide consumers with a fun and SAFE way to buy the same equipment the Pros play. In addition I have offerings for any golf club fanatic. Over the years, I've watched countless people who share my passion be taken advantage by some so called "tour club fitters" who are often nothing more than guys gluing shafts together in their garages and passing them off as so called "tour builds."   With this knowledge, and my contacts in the golf industry, on the PGA Tour and at the Headquarter level with the manufacturers, I set out to create a "safe haven" for club aficionados to be 100% sure they are getting what they pay for. These days a great driver could cost up to $1500.00 if you wanted something very special, don't you want the assurance it is legit? I think so and I am going to make sure it happens.  My clubs are built by the Manufacturers, the Tour Departments and occasionally a tech van for you.  I am not your builder 90% of the time.  I have had a full studio but very rarely now do I do the building.  The point of this site is that you get the best from the best.  I know quite a bit, but I am not on the same playing field as my buddies at Cleveland, Taylor, Adams, and so on.  Your clubs are built by the same builders that fit the players on the PGA/ LPGA . A tour build should be considered nothing less than that, Built by the tour departments. At YTC you never run the risk of pulled shafts, incorrect builds, and most importantly, clubs with no markings which are often stolen, or counterfeit. This is a huge problem in the golf arena , thus YTC partnered with the manufacturers directly to ensure you have an enjoyable purchasing experience and never doubt what you have is "THE REAL DEAL" 
  • My offices are located in Katy Texas, we have offices in 3 other states as well.  I am often out in California to Headquarters there to see the new product and get the latest and greatest from the best in the game!  My equipment always comes from a manufacturer, never anywhere else.  I find it odd that many of the people who are getting robbed don't check to see that the person selling this stolen or counterfeit product has accounts with the manufacturers.  This should be a HUGE RED FLAG.  Call them out, ask companies like People's pro shop why they don't have a license to sell the products they have.  The answer is pretty sad and so many people fall victim to scams.
  • Our LLC team consists of myself, my partner who runs the legal side of things, the various Tour departments and their personnel, our vendor partners, my web designer, a photographer, a bookkeeper, one inventory manager,and our mascots Thunder and Shakes.