YTC Congratulations to a long time friend, WOODY AUSTIN, BACK IN THE W


YTC Congratulations to a long time friend, WOODY AUSTIN, BACK IN THE WINNERS CIRCLE

I would like to take this time to personally send a shout out to a best friend and golf hero, Woody Austin on his win this past week in Mississippi at the Sanderson Farms Championship!!  Was it not for Woody, you would no doubt not be reading this piece on him on a site that I own.  He introduced me to the game and has been a great friend over the years.  I have been blessed to travel the country and abroad with him and have became friends with so many of the  greats in the game and in the equipment industry, due to his generosity.  He fed the golf "BEAST" in me for so many years!  Hats off to you Woody!

With only a few months remaining until his Champions Tour debut, he clinched his 4th PGA Tour Victory after a 3 way playoff with Cameron Beckman and Daniel Summerhays.  Stellar ball striking and 4 rounds without a single 3 putt capped off what has been a frustrating couple of years. 

In the past two years Woody has been relegated to the and limited play on the PGA as he did not have full status after a lackluster 2011 campaign.  Armed with legendary tenacity and the support of a loving wife and children that never lost faith even during times when it was questioned by himself he became the 8th oldest player on the PGA tour to win a title. 

This will no doubt be a game changer for the veteran Austin.  Today instead of a flight home, it was up to Canada for the Canadian Open.  When asked what his schedule will be like going forward the self taught Austin said he was not sure at this time but we can all look forward to seeing some colorful televison going forward as we know he will wear his heart on his sleeve.  There is no golf robot in him at all.  He dug it out of the dirt as a youngster and has never gone the route of swing guru's or sports psychologists.  Hats off to you! 

YTC wishes him luck this week as he returns to Canada, site of his 2007 Presidents Cup splash.  Atta Boty Woody. Marc and the boys...